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Do you have a bad habit you want to break? Are you hiding badly bitten nails? Do you feel embarrassed about your habit? Do you feel your habit is your go-to behaviour during stressful situations? Whatever it is.... you can break the habit!

Breaking the Habit

Bad habits can impact our lives and can really annoy us but we still find it difficult to stop. Habits can become embarrassing for us such as:- thumb sucking, nail biting, pulling out lumps of hair, creating bald patches, over eating, addicted to certain foods etc. Hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for eliminating unwanted habits.

Out with the old, In with the new
Every habit has three components: a trigger, when the automatic behaviour starts, a routine, the habit itself and a reward, whether that reward causes us discomfort or pleasure its a pre-programmed habit that is difficult to break and its is how our brain remembers the pattern of events so that we can resort to our habitual behavioural response.

Habit Reversal Training (HRT) is a technique used in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which has proven to be highly successful.

A Therapist can help with Habit Reversal by helping an individual to understand what motivates the habitual urge and identifies an alternative way of adjusting the behaviour so that a more acceptable behaviour replaces it.

During the treatment together we will explore what is maintaining your habit and create an opposing physical response that will work for you. In sessions we will use hypnosis to allow you to practice the new response so that you can make the internal behavioural changes.

Evidence has shown Habit Reversal combined with Hypnosis has a significant powerful effect on treatment outcomes.

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