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To be in a state of mindfulness

Is to be aware in the here and now, in the present moment without judgement. Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique that helps manage unhelpful feelings evoking a state of relaxation and calm.

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Mindfulness is becoming increasingly popular and recognised as a tool that has significant benefits, particularly so when dealing with stressful and anxious states of mind.

As we know, our internal mind-talk or inner voice, critic or trouble maker (whatever you call it) can keep negative thoughts locked in, playing them over and over like a broken record. This incessant negative mind talk can focus our attention on unhelpful thoughts, forcing us to become anxious and worry unnecessarily or catastrophise about something that might happen.

When you practice mindfulness you are fully present in the moment and aware of the sensations in the body, your emotions and thoughts and everything that’s going on around you.

When you become familiar with this practice you will learn when its helpful just to acknowledge a negative thought and let it drift by. You will also learn when to choose to pay attention to your thoughts and when its more helpful to your peace of mind to just simply release and let them go.

A great quote below from his book with the same title, by author Jon Kabat-Zinn informs us that no matter what we try to do to distract us from our negative thinking, those thoughts follow us everywhere. To change our thoughts, we need to stop allowing the broken record keeping our anxious thoughts playing over and over in our minds.

I have the tools and techniques to help you stop that record playing, on constant repeat!

" Wherever you go, There you are"

Jon Kabat-Zinn

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